Features & Technical Spesifications

   Vizhak 737



High Maneuverability
This machine is highly maneuverable particularly in soils susceptible to heavy loads.
Easy Operation
Simple to operate with minimum instructions.
High Safety
Devices approved by the international safety rules.
Easy Access to Different Parts of the Machine
Servicing and checking of the machine is possible without removing covers.
Installing Different Implements
Different implements can be fitted to P.T.O.
Easy Installation of Different Implements
Different attachments can be installed or removed by only two nuts in a short time.

Technical Specification

Engine: Diesel single cylinder, 4-stroke, 8.8H.P (6.5 Kw) or 10 H.P (7.4 Kw) according to (DIN 70020) at 3600 RPM.
Start: Rope starting
Clutch: Dry, multiplate, disk type
Handlebar: Adjustable in height, sidewise and reversible
Gearbox: 4 forward and 3 reverse speed as a walking tractor, 3 forward and 3 reverse as a motor mower
Brakes: Independent brakes on both wheels
P.T.O: 965 RMP, independent form gearbox
Automatic reverser: By operating a special lever, the machine changes into reverse speed at the same forward speed.
Wheels: tyre size is 5.0-10. Tyre size 6.5/80-12 is also applicable.
Lighting system: Equipped with a 40 w head lamp for night driving.
Speed: Minimum speed of the machine is 1.1 km/h and maximum attainable speed is 13.4 km/h.
Engine stop: By releasing this lever the engine stops immediately.
Differential: With locking.
Rotary hoe: 66cm in width and 20 knives
Mower: 127 cm cutter bar
Plough: One bottom and 180° swivel
Trailer: Tonnage 400kg.
Main attachments: Irrigation pumps, sprayers, grinding stone, snow thrower, ridger, lawn mower.
Weight: Weight of machine without implements is about 127 Kg.




Average output with cutter bar is 3000 m²/h
It is possible to cut every kind of grasses with three different height.

Rotary hoe

Average output with rotary hoe is 1500 cm²/h
It is possible to penetrate up to 20 cm of soil depth.( The above picture)


Every kind of load, up to 400kg. can be transported.
It is possible to install rotary hoe simultaneously.


It is possible to plough up to 15-20 cm of soil depth.