Tractor Tapfeh 8502 2WD

Power: HP 80.5

Differential pairs

Boocharge Tour

Four Cylinders

Output: 540 rpm

With technology and under license of Massey Ferguson UK

2 year warranty or 1000 hours of operation

10 years after sales service

Euro 2 Standard

Technical specifications of Traktor TAFE 8502 4WD


Start: 12 volt

Alternator: 12 V

Lights: Halogen Type front

Display: Operating hours, oil pressure, thermometer, etc.

Tyres, Wheels

Front 24 x 10 rim 16 * 7.50 Rubber

Rear: 30 * 15 rims and 30 * 4.18 Rubber

Weight dimensions

Weight: 2720 kg

Dimensions: 2450 * 3840 mm

Hydraulic system

Type: Mark 3 with four cylinders

Size: 18 liter per minute

Output: 3 x Hydraulic output

Power: 2050 kg


Type: Oil Hydraulic type

Brake Park: Manual Type

Forward Excel

Type: Single-differential


ST 440.3 Engine

Number of cylinder: 4

Engine Size: 4 liter

Piston Diameter: 100 mm

Course: 127 mm

Air filter: Dry type

Engine cooling system: pressurized Blue

Power: 85 HP 2200 Round


Type: Clutch Double

How to set up: the traditional model


Type: 8 front and 2 rear number

Differential: Krinol and Pennion

Differential Locking: Mechanical type

PTO output

Type: Live

Speed 540 rpm

Tractor Tapfeh 8502 2WD
Tractor Tapfeh 8502 2WD

Shaft Diameter: 34.8 mm

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