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The fields of activity of the agricultural enterprise include the production of agricultural machinery and diesel engines, as well as the industrial activities of the company, including assembly, testing, painting, measuring, precision tools, engineering support, sales and after-sales services.


The company's manpower consists of 100 workers, technicians and engineers working in the field of assembling, testing, painting, measuring, engineering services and support.

production capacity

According to the number of devices per year of the tractor: 3300, the 7920 reaper, the two-wheeled tractor (OAK), the diesel engine (10 horses) 7920, the diesel engine (35 horses) 6600

Factory and production line

75,000 square meters consists of 2000 square meters of office space and 5500 square meters of production halls

Diesel Engines and Agricultural Machinery

Products of Dehghan Varz Co.

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Factory address

Dehghan varz Co, between 7th St. & 8th St., Phase 1, Hashtgerd industrial city, Tehran, Iran .
Tel: (+98262) 4226037 (+98262) 4228118
Fax: (+98262) 4226068

Office address

N.10, Km2, karaj Rd,Tehran,Iran Postcode: 13937 .
Tel: (+9821) 44657190
Tel: (+9821) 44667850
Fax: (+9821) 44655245



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