Mowing 270

Mowing 270
Mowing 270

Power Engine: 10 HP

Single Air Cooled Cylinder

Rated China Grass Perfect Head

One year Warranty

10 years After sales service

Rated Approval of test certificate from the mechanization Development center of agricultural Jihad

Engine: Construction Iran

With RUGGERINI Technology  Italy

Mowing 270

Specifications Technical

Engine : Diesel 12 horse, single cylinder, air cooled

Clutch: Type A dry single-page that is controlled by the Patchouli.

Box Gear: Gear type involved continuous with 4 velocity forward and 1 speed back

Speed Car:

Speeds Front: 5.5 km/h on gear 1

                  7.5 km/h in Gear 2

                 10 km/h No 3

                 14.2 km/h in gear 4

Speed Mowing in the rear gear mode is 2.6 kilometers per hour.

Brakes: Type A special inner rim is placed in the oil cushion and controlled by the pedal and the cable interface Be.

Blade Chinese grass: 140 cm.

Gear Chinese grass: For short cut (thumbnails intervals 51 mm) and standard type (intervals The thumbnails are 76 mm).

Attention : Tahvili type is a shoulder of Chinese grass with medium cut gears.

Wheels Pneumatic: Cyclic front double size 19-50/4 and 16-00/6 and rear wheel 12-00/4 can . The wind pressure of the front and back wheels is a atmospheric.

Weight: Weight The diesel engine machine is about 400 kg.

Benefits Harvest with Mowing 270

At any 2 hours to one hectare of grain harvesting,

More Wheat and barley withdrawal with 20% moisture loss of almost zero product, possibility of withdrawal in any conditions

Preparation Early ground for Cultivation II

Possibility Beans harvest up to 6 hectares per day

Possibility Forage harvesting

Possibility Rice is harvested in southern and Mazarei farms in the north, which are suitable for drainage.

Possibility Use straw Cheaper and easier withdrawals

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