Garden tractor

Power Motor: 35 HP

Three Water Cooled Cylinder

Command All hydraulic

Rated Approval of test certificate from the mechanization Development center of agricultural Jihad

Engine: LOMBARDINI LDW 1603 Italy

Gearbox: Italy FERRARI

PTO: 540 and 900 rpm

Connection: three-point

Specifications Technical

Engine: Diesel , Four-stroke three-cylinder, cold water 3000 rpm with power 20, 26, 32 and kilowatt 27, 35 and 45 hp

System Power Transmission: Manual, Cinkerz (2 * 2 * 3) 12 speed Forward and (2 * 1 * 3) Six speed Back

Motion: Four WD wheel drive) 4)

Command: Hydraulic Steering angle 35 ° (configurable-, + 15 °)

Differential : Click both Excel with Lock and auto-get rid

Clutch: Single Dry dial

Wheels Tags: front and rear 16 * 25/8 or (16 * 50/7)

Brakes: From Mechanical type with linings pads on front wheels

Brake Manual: Mechanical type with linings pads on rear wheels

Arm Lifting equipment: Hydraulic with three-point hitch

Maximum Hydraulic Pressure: 170 bar

Maximum Capacity: In pressure 120 times equal to 620 kg

Hook Tug: Adjustable and fit on the road

Weight Approximate tug: 3500-2000 kg (according to the type of engine)

System Electricity: 12 volt battery, 80 amps with fuel markers, clock, engine tachometer, oil temperature (Automatic shut-off) سوییچهای brake and clutch, tractor rear outlet for trailer and system External lighting, beeps and lighting confirmed to work on the road high-level capabilities Inclined: 100%

Safety Frame: protection Safety with the ability to get on the hood

Radius Circulation: 150cm

Axis Capabilities: two-axis capabilities at the back of the tractor, the bottom up with a 1000-fold shaft Standard maximum power on axis capacity: 23/31/41 hp (according to type Engine

Speed: 540 And 900 rpm, depending on the type of equipment and سینکرونایزبا speed of the wheel for use of Ewaati That fit around the tractor’s wheel.

To Rotation: Clockwise, when moving towards the front and counterclockwise To Gamas to move backward (see from rear to tractor)

Weight: In Standby 1200-1000 kg (depending on engine type)

Dimensions: Hadther Length 2940-2840 mm (according to the engine type), maximum width 980 mm to 1160

Distance Between the two axles of rear and front wheels, 1110 mm minimum distance from ground 250 Mm

Height Equal to 1120 mm

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