Diesel engine

Motors, pump motors and motor generators

Diesel engines 1, 2 and 3cylinder 8 to 45 horses at 3000 rounds, suitable for agricultural use such as pressurized irrigation, motor sprayer, تیلردروگر and tractor, road construction machines such as asphalt cutter, dampers, بتونیر, bitumen and other industrial applications such as, welding engines, generator engines, snow removal, female Jeex and the Industrial

Diesel engine
Diesel engine

Engine types of diesel pumps with pumping height 19 to 88 meters and irrigation 2.2 to 4.44 liters per second.

Suitable pump engine pressurized irrigation due to the use of high-voltage diesel engines.

Types of diesel engines, single, double and triple cylinder 2 Up to 10 KVA for usage Public such as emergency power and lighting and other industrial uses.

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