737-wheeled Tractor

Engine: Diesel, single cylinder, four stroke and 8 horse power (5/6) or 10 horse (4.7) in accordance with (70020 DIN) 3600 rpm.

Command: Handle with adjustable height and horizontal moves.

Capabilities-axis: 965 rpm speed, independent of movement speed Car.

Brakes: Two separate left and right brakes that are controlled by hand.

Gearbox: 2-wheel Mode 4 front gear and 3 back gear and in Chinese grass mode 3. Front gear and 3 rear gear.

Kaj: Dry. Multi-page

Start: Rope

Automatic Reverse gear: At any speed move the car from the front gear to the back gear Will be converted.

Wheel: 10-5 standard size, but capable of installing wheel size 12-80/5/6 is also possible.

Lighting system: Special driving Lights at night to power 40 watts.

Machine speed: Minimum speed equivalent to 1.1 km/h and Max speed 4.13 Kilometers per hour.

Turn off engine leverage: in emergencies and dropping it engine Will turn off immediately.

Differential locking: The machine comes in single wheel or two wheels to move.

Offset: The width of offset is 66 cm.

Chinese grass blade: China’s blade width is 127 cm.

Iron Bull: Single-miner type and 180-grade lapel.

Trailer: With an approximate capacity of 400 kg.

Other installation equipment: water pump, sprayer, sharpening tools, snow Remover, Ditken, rotary grass Collector.

Weight: Machine weight without equipment is about 127 kg.

Tractor Docharkh Viek
Tractor Docharkh Viek

Installing Chinese grass

  • Average work with Chinese grass blade 3000 square meters per hour.
  • Ability to cut any type The grass in three different heights of the blade.

Trailer Installation

  • Portability 400 kg.
  • Simultaneous installation with Offset.

Install Rotvitor

  • Average work with Ret1500 sqm per hour.
  • Possibility of influence in soil up to Depth of 20 cm

Installation of Plough

  • Possibility of influence in soil up to Depth 20-15 cm

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